If you are already employed and wanting to take yourself to the next level in your career, Aim Skills Development will support you through our apprenticeship training in London which covers a wide range of subjects.

Learn while you earn

What are Apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships are work based training programmes which allow you to train in your chosen work area while being employed like any other employee.

Where are Apprenticeships available?

They are set up by the UK Government so are available across the country. We are based in East London so we specialise in helping place local people with apprenticeships in London.

What will I do in an Apprenticeship?

You will work at least 30 hours a week while receiving training and development from our dedicated trainers and assessors who will support you, largely in your place of work, to achieve your qualifications.

What does an Apprenticeship give me?

Being an apprentice gives you the opportunity to gain nationally recognised qualifications and develop your work skills, while earning a salary. If you are already in employment, don’t worry – Apprenticeship opportunities are available for you too. These qualifications are real work based certificates that tell your employer and future employers that not only are you qualified in your subject area, but that you have experience.

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