A degree which combines a study of both business and marketing can open the door to a broad range of careers in the public sector, commerce or industry, or help you to progress further if you’ve already started your working life.

A general business degree is highly sought-after, giving you a head-start over many others when it comes to professional life. By combining it with marketing, a creative, dynamic and increasingly important part of business strategy, you increase your employability and skillset hugely.

Topics covered

Modern degrees allow you to pick and choose modules to create a degree tailored for you. A Business and Marketing degree might typically include such modules as financial management, economics, business theory, human resources, consumer behaviour, digital marketing, public relations, sales, brand management, social media, marketing communications, project management, retail strategy.

Independent learning

Whether you are studying full or part time, all degrees will assume a certain amount independent learning will be carried out by you. This could include reading and research around the modules you are studying, preparing for presentations or tutorials, or gearing up for tests and exams.

Blended Learning

Many degrees now teach using ‘blended learning’ – this means a combination of in-class teaching, live online classes and online teaching and exercises available at any time. This gives you even more flexibility in terms of learning, especially if you’re considering studying part-time whilst working.

Work placements

Some degrees will offer you the opportunity of a paid work placement with a company to gain more relevant experience. This could be during a vacation, or even for a 9-12 month period during the degree.

What next?

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