Case Study – Childcare

I started working with children in my teens as a volunteer in play centres. There I learnt how to plan and deliver fun activities, and evaluate them. Later on, I volunteered in a nursery and took an introductory course to childcare (level1).I just wanted to train for a job that would fit around my family . This gave me the basic knowledge of child development and built my confidence up during the placement. They offered me a job as Special Needs Assistant and encouraged me to complete the level 2.

I enjoyed working with the children and as part of a team, and the challenge of meeting different needs (some of the children had ASD/ Downs or other physical disabilities). From there, I followed various career paths including teaching/ special needs support and training/assessing.
As a trainer/assessor, I have had students who took the Childcare level 3 from a whole range of job roles: people who wanted to specialise in early years or train as health visitors/ paediatricians, TAs in schools, childminders, play workers, drama teachers. Having a childcare qualification can be fun, rewarding and definitely opens up a lot of doors!


– Angelique Cannone