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End Point Assessment

What is End Point Assessment?

The End Point Assessment (EPA) is the final part of an apprenticeship qualification. If you have an apprentice, they may need to complete an end assessment to fully achieve their qualification. Many are describing the new apprenticeships as similar to a driving test. The student/learner completes the On-Programme aspects of the apprenticeship with their training provider but they do not pass until successful completion of the EPA. The On-Programme includes:

  • The Care Certificate
  • Level 3 Diploma in Care (Adults) for England
  • Level 2 English and Maths qualifications

Once the On-Programme aspects have been achieved the Apprentice must complete the EPA.

The EPA is completed in 2 parts.

Situational Judgement Assessment 50%

  • Apprentice will be presented with real scenarios and answer 60 multiple-choice questions
  • This will be in controlled exam conditions with a time limit of 90 minutes.
  • It will focus on the Apprentice’s knowledge, skills and competencies

Test grading with thresholds

  • 40 correct answers – Pass
  • 50+ correct answers – Merit
  • 55+ correct answers – Distinction

Professional Discussion 50%

  • The Apprentice will need to undertake a discussion once they have achieved the Situational Judgement Assessment
  • This will last up to 45 mins, undertaken with an End Point Assessor allocated by Aims Skills Development
  • It will focus on prior learning and experience, Apprentice’s self-assessment and supporting evidence.

Test grading with thresholds

  • Awarded Pass, Merit or Distinction.

The Apprentice’s final grade will be determined from the results they get for each assessment.

Pass Pass Pass
Merit Pass Pass
Distinction Pass Pass
Pass Merit Merit
Merit Merit Merit
Distinction Merit Merit
Pass Distinction Merit
Merit Distinction Distinction
Distinction Distinction Dictinction

Frequently asked questions

What happens if my apprentice does not pass the EPA?

If the apprentice does not pass the End Point assessments they will be required to retake the assessments.

How much does the EPA cost?

We offer a very competitive price for our EPA at a cost of £350. The price decreases with the number of learners enrolled with us. This cost can be paid in instalments throughout the course of the apprenticeship but must be paid in full prior to the EPA.

  • EPA charges are flexible and negotiable
  • Prices can be negotiated for factors such as the number of apprentices for assessment, assessment tools required, EPA location and delivery methods.

Will there be any additional charges?

There will be a £40 charge for every re-sit that an Apprentice has to do.

If the Apprentice does not attend the assessment there will be no refunds and the full cost will need to be paid again.

What are the support and resources included if I chose to go with Aims Skills Development?

It is in our interest that all our students are as well prepared as possible to undertake the EPA. Each apprentice will be given mock assessments which will need to be passed before they are able to take the real exam. They will also be given revision material to help them to prepare for the exam.

The EPA Process

Request End Point Assessment from Aims Skills Development. This can be done through email or phone.
Aims Skills Development will contact you to arrange a meeting with you to discuss the process, this can be through phone, skype or face to face.
Once prices and assessments have been discussed/agreed ASD will provide contract and payment plan will be put in place to start the process.
Aims Skills Development will send resources to the employer and Apprentice to help prepare for the end point assessment.
When the Apprentice is ready to complete the EPA we will ask for certificates as evidence that the apprentice has passed all other components of the apprenticeship. Including the following:
• Functional skills English and Maths
• Care RQF
• Care certificate
Once this is confirmed we will send the mock EPA and these will need to be passes prior to the real EPA.
Once the learner has passed the mock EPA we will contact the employer/Apprentice to schedule in the real exam/EPA.