Traineeship FAQs

Please see the questions and aswers below. If you have any queries, please contact us.

How will the course be taught?

The training will take place on an online platform using Zoom and all learners will be provided with the link to the online classroom

Do I have to attend all the sessions?

Yes, unless you have been told by your tutor that you do not have to attend due to having a valid reason such as a medical or family emergency.

When will I be able to take my functional skills exams?

You can take your exams online at our centre after you have completed your classes in Functional Skills. These go on during the period of the Traineeship programme. If your tutor feels that you are ready to take your exams earlier then they will let you know.

Is there any way to practise an improve my Maths and English outside of class?

You will be given access to a learning platform called BKSB with a unique username and password which allows you to take practise papers in both Maths and English, at the level that you are working towards

Can I choose what area I do my work placement in?

Yes. At the start of the course you will be asked to provide your preference for the work placement and every effort will be made for you to work in that area for your seventy hour placement

Will I get an interview after completing the Traineeship programme?

Yes, we will guarantee that every learner gets at interview after completing the programme successfully. You will be prepared for the interview(s) you attend during the time that you are with us to help you pass.

Will I get certificates for the Employability skills and other courses I complete such as Customer Service and Functional skills?

Yes, once your portfolio of work has been approved, and providing you have attended all classes, you will be given a certificate for each course which should come within a month or so of completing the course.

Can I talk to my tutor individually if I need any extra help or support?

Yes, you will be given the email address and contact details for your tutor in both employability skills and functional skills. You will be able to contact them if you need extra support with any of the course studies. You will also have an individual learning programme provided for you at the start of the course

Will there be an induction before the course starts?

Yes, someone from our office will take you through the enrolment process and this includes the induction where you will learn and understand all the essential information for the course.

What if I get a job offer while I am doing the course?

You are free to attend an interview and take any job offer that you are given during the course, as long as you inform your tutor and also email the office to let them know of the changing situation.

I am working, can I still do the course?

No, if you are working you are not able to undertake the course  due to government guidelines for funding.

What if I am on benefits, do I have to pay for the training?

No, the course is government funded and you will not need to pay as long as you can provide proof of your benefits payments

I do not have a CV and I have never worked before. Can I still do the programme?

Yes, this course is for those who have also never worked before, or have limited work experience, but are willing to commit to the full training. Even if you do not have a CV or have never attended an interview we will support you with these during the programme.

I have already started a Traineeship programme before. Can I still join this one?

If you have previously joined a Traineeship course but have not completed it, you may still be eligible to start with us. Please check with your previous course provider to see how much of the course you actually completed.