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Front Desk Receptionist

Job Description

Job title: OPD Front Desk Receptionist
Clinical academic group: CSS
Board/corporate function: TBC
Salary band: Band 2
Responsible to: OPD Supervisor
Accountable to: OPD Service Manager
Hours per week: State total hours a week the role requires 37.5
Location: Whipps Cross Hospital

Job purpose

To provide booking services for patients, their relatives and carers, and hospital staff attending the Outpatient Department. To ensure all appointments are booked appropriately and written confirmation sent to the patient. To ensure that patient information is recorded on the Patient Administration System (PAS) in a timely and accurate fashion. In May 2014 we will be changing the PAS system to CRS (Care Records Service).

Key working relationships

• Medical Records Clerks
• Front of House
• Clinic Managers
• GP’s
• OPD Receptionists
• OPD supervisors
• OPD Business Manager
• Medical Secretaries
• Consultants

Key result areas

• All patients will receive an appointment date within 10 working days
• Patients will be able to get through to a person who can book their appointment within 60 seconds of calling the outpatient booking line
• Patients will always have a phone number of a person who can help them navigate their journey
• 90% of patients will see a healthcare professional within 30 minutes of their appointments time
• Outpatient summary note of patients consultation will be sent to patients and their GPs within five working days
• 95% of patients would recommend the service to friends or family
• 25% overall reduction in outpatient complaints
• Complaints regarding environment should be reduce by 50%

Main duties and responsibilities

To provide a clerical service in the Appointments Department.

1. To make follow up outpatients appointments using the PAS system.

2. To verify registration details and update patient details on the Patient Administration System (PAS) as necessary. By May 2014 we will be changing from PAS to CRS (Care Records Service).

3. Print clinic attendance lists for all Outpatient clinics.

4. Dealing with various telephone enquires from patients, GPs and other members of staff regarding appointment times and dates.

5. Liaise with clinic receptionists, clinic managers, admissions as necessary.

6. Be aware of patient confidentiality at all times.

7. Make appointments from one speciality to another.

8. Ensure all relevant information is passed to Clinic Managers, Receptionists, Two Wait Week Team, Choose and Book and other relevant staff to enable the patient’s attendance at the hospital. E.g. flagging up an interpreter and transport.

9. To attend meetings as appropriate to assist in the modernisation of the outpatient service, to ensure that a high standard quality service is provided to the patients. E.g. informal office meetings with office manager, supervisor and line manager.

10. To act and maintain safe and correct standards of practice and procedure.

11. To act in accordance with all Barts Health NHS Trust and local department policies and procedures at all times.

12. To undertake any other duties appropriate to the grade as delegated by Outpatient Supervisory staff and the Outpatient Service Manager.

13. To comply with all legal requirements including Data Protection, Computer misuse, Software Licensing Acts and IM & T Security Standards.

14. To wear their Trust identity badge at all times.

15. Scanning or photocopying as necessary.

16. Booking British Sign Language interpreters for patients with hearing disabilities.
17. Completing the BSL interpreting form and e-mailing the information to the relevant persons