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Functional Skills

Functional Skills Level 1 & 2

Functional Skills can help you develop the practical skills in English, ICT and Maths that you need to live, study and work. You can apply English, ICT and Maths skills in real life situations through reading, writing, speaking and listening tasks.

We offer flexible sessions and a hybrid learning model. We use BKSB which is a 24 hour learning platform and you also get tutor support throughout the programme.

Why Study Functional Skills?

Functional Skills (FS) prepare you for real-life situations. They can help you to gain the most from life, learning and work. Simply, FS are the skills that we all need to be effective in our lives and at work.

At what levels are Functional Skills qualifications available?

Aim Skills Development offers Functional Skills qualifications in English, Maths and ICT at Level 1 and Level 2. Each subject area has a set of performance standards based on three key areas:

Maths – Key areas:

  • Representing – making sense of a situation and representing it mathematically.
  • Analysing – processing and using maths.
  • Interpreting – interpreting and communicating the results of analysis.

ICT – Key areas:

  • Use of ICT systems.
  • Finding and selecting information.
  • Developing, presenting and communicating information.

Functional English – Key areas:

  • Speaking and listening – making an oral presentation or report.
  • Reading – reading and understanding information and instructions.
  • Writing – writing accurately so that meaning is clear.

Functional Skills Exams

Ready to Start?

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