One of the biggest concerns we hear from prospective students is how much will it cost them to study at university, and if grants available to help them cover the costs.

Whilst it is true that studying at university CAN be expensive, there are ways around it. At Aim Education, our expertise is helping those who might have considered a university degree isn’t for them to unlock funding.

For example, you might find it’s possible for you to keep working and attend university part time, meaning you can combine work with education, helping to fund you own way through university.

Many students can take advantage of low-cost loans from the Government to pay for their fees and or their living costs. You only start having to repay these loans when your income rises above a certain level, currently that starts at about £372 a week.

Extra help is available for many students, including being able to obtain Universal Credit if you’re on a low income, extra Learning Allowances, Childcare Grants and Adult Dependents Grant if you’re a parent, and even degree specific bursaries if you’re studying certain healthcare or social work-related degrees.

Some of the funding and grants available to you may be limited, so if you’re at all interested in studying for a degree, full or part-time, contact us first. We can help you identify what funding may be available for you.

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