Case Study – Health & Social Care

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Working in health & social care is the most rewarding career to choose, it allows flexibility for you to work around life commitments such as children. There will always be an area for you to develop and gain additional qualifications to achieve higher wages or a more supervisory role. Working in health & social care enables you to interact with people regularly; clients, colleagues or other professionals which improves your inter-personal skills as well as your communication and confidence. When I first began working as a care worker, I spent my day visiting clients in their own home’s – supporting them with daily living skills such as cooking, personal care or just having a cup of tea and a chat. The role helped open my mind to how other people think, feel and live. I decided to achieve my level 3 and begin working in a nursing home for additional experience. I worked long hours because I lived alone and felt that my colleagues and clients at the nursing home were my second family – I even chose to work on Christmas day because I felt more at home at work than I did where I lived.

When I became pregnant, I slowed my pace down and watched colleagues work in a way that I did not agree with. Whilst on maternity leave I decided to gain my assessor’s qualification as I believed that people who work in health & social care should work against the standards – the correct way and be rewarded by gaining their NVQ. I continued to work as a support worker for mental health/learning disability to gain more of an understanding of the different areas in care work, it was of a higher wage and I worked around my child when he attended school. I soon began working freelance assessing, gaining more experience and more money with more flexibility for my family.


– Gemma Curry

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how to become a childminder


Although becoming a childminder might look like an appealing prospect, you need to carefully consider a few things before starting. How will having someone else’s children in your own home impact on your home/family life? (yes, those toys do take over your living space if you are not careful!). You also need to consider financial and practical aspects- keeping up to date paperwork, income and expenditure, paying your own tax etc. How would you deal with being sick/ not getting paid?

Once you have made up your mind, there are a few things you need to ensure you do:

  1. You will need a current paediatric first aid certificate
  2. You will also need a valid current DBS (which used to be known as CRB check). Anyone living in your home who is aged 16 or above will also need to have DBS.
  3. You need to arrange suitable home and public liability insurance (proof may be required for registration with Ofsted).
  4. You have to complete an introductory course (contact your local council to find details in your area). It is also highly recommended that you hold a childcare or early years qualification (preferably level 3). Contact your local authority Early Years team for more information on available courses and how to get set up before applying for registration.
  5. Registering with Ofsted or a Childminding Agency (if there is one in your local area). This applies to anyone getting paid to look after children under 8 for more than 2 hours a day. registration. Ofsted will visit your home, check that you are suitably qualified and that you have DBS/insurance etc. when issuing your registration, they will tell you how many children/ what ages you are allowed.


Registering with Ofsted is a big step, and you should research and prepare as they are likely to ask you questions about your policies and procedures, equality and diversity, assessing children’s development and the EYFS, safeguarding, health and safety and more.


If you are ready to take the first steps to become a childminder checkout our childcare courses and qualifications here!

You can even do these childcare courses online or from home – there’s no upfront cost & funding is available – so there’s no reason not to go for it!

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