With subjects from aeronautics through to zoology, there really is an incredible choice, but before you disappear off sifting through the thousands of different subjects you could study, pause and think about why you want to study, and how you might study.

Why study at university?

There is little point in studying a degree just for the sake of it. Degrees can be time consuming, and sometimes expensive – find out more about funding options that may be available to you, so it makes sense to be certain about why you’re willing to put the effort in.

Picking a subject

Think about what you are interested in, and where your strengths lie. Are you interested in studying a purely academic subject, or perhaps something that’s more focussed on your career ambition?

For example, if you’ve already spent part of your life working for a living, perhaps in a business or for yourself, a business studies degree can be a great way of taking the skills and knowledge you’ve already gained onto the next level. The degree can build upon your valuable life experience, and it’s possible to study part-time, so you can keep working and earning alongside your studies.

Remember that even within a specific subject, you’ll be able to specialise and focus on the areas most of interest to you. Most degrees have different course modules you can choose from to tailor the degree around your interests. Plus, projects and dissertations help you fine-tune your areas of study still further.

Some degrees are more directly related to jobs, for example social care and nursing. By combining the right degree with your career, you can rapidly open up career progression which might otherwise take you many years to achieve.

Blended Learning

Many degrees now teach using ‘blended learning’ – this means a combination of in-class teaching, live online classes and online teaching and exercises available at any time. This gives you even more flexibility in terms of learning, especially if you’re considering studying part-time whilst working.

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